Who has Robbed Americans??

We hear the cries all around us of those who state that they want their nation back, they want their country back, but who has taken it from them? Many blame the current president, those members of congress who don't listen to their constituents, those who deny the redress for grievances, which are part of it, but all of this is just a symptom of the real problem.

I will tell you, that the source of it all is the Money Changers of the United States of America, the Federal Reserve. Which is NOT a part of our government, and is an Unconstitutional organization.

I am not going to tell you what I can do much better by showing you in the video below, watch this, and share it with everyone that you can. This is knowledge that has been forgotten, that is important to remind everyone in our nation, and other nations of. It is time that we take our nation back, by demanding that not only should the Federal Reserve be audited, but it should be abolished or destroyed, and our nation returned to prosperity by returning to sound Constitutional money.

This is our duty, our mission, to free our generation, so that the generations that come after us can enjoy the liberty that our Founding Father's intended for us all. This level of evil has only one true source, and that is of the devil. It is the opposite of what God wanted for all his children, liberty. Disobedience to Tyrants is obedience to God, never forget that.

Hear the voices of those who have already died to free us, and do not let their fight end here with us, let us finish it.

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