Happy Birthday America!!

This is the day that we celebrate the courage that our Founding Father's had when they stood up against tyranny. What they did was considered treason, but they birthed the nation of The United States of America. They went through a great deal personally, and sacrificed more then many know today.

May we ever be vigilant in protecting the liberty that these men fought, bled and died for. Some lost all their property and wealth, others lost their lives through being tortured to death as treacherous traitors of the crown, and some lost their families.

We should never forget them, or their cause, we must gain the same knowledge that they had and share it with others, and not let our government continue to tread on the Constitution.

Today, I remember my ancestors: George Washington (My 11th Cousin 8 times removed), Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock (my 21st Cousin once removed), Patrick Henry (My 17th Cousin 7 times removed), Samuel Adams (16th Cousin 4 Times removed)and many others who have fought, bled and died for this nation and my liberty as their descendant.

May we be so blessed as to be able to give the gift of liberty to our children, and our childrens' children.

I give my permission for anyone who wants to share the content within this blog to do so. All I ask is that you link back to the original source. The articles on the 28 principles of liberty I also give permission to be shared in your own blogs. What I create in any of the blogs that I write, is for the purpose of sharing with others.

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