The Philosophy of Liberty

What is the philosophy of Liberty? We hear a lot of people these days talking about freedom and liberty, but how do we really achieve it? The Founding Father's achieved it, but what were the concepts behind it?

This video, called The Philosophy of Liberty is a great and simplified way to teach everyone about individual rights, and that we do not have the right to infringe on the rights of others. I refer to this in several ways in my writing. This is how we live 'The People's Law" rather than the "King's Law". I also say, this is how we live as 'Freemen" rather than 'King Men'.

We were designed to be a nation of freemen, and right now, we have a few that understand how to do that, and many that are voting for those that will take away the liberty of others. We also have organizations like The Federal Reserve that have been robbing all of us for almost 100 years now. They have enslaved us in perpetual debt. They are the money changers of our day, and the masters of this nation. Which, if you know your history, each of us are sovereigns, and we are the masters of our own selves, and we need to stand up and not let others continue to enslave us and our descendants.

One way that we can begin this process on a large scale, is to educate each other on The Philosophy of Liberty. When we have an educated public, we will once again have a free public. It is the PEOPLE and not the leaders that we need to focus our education on. There are many in positions of influence now who prefer the power, money, and influence over doing what is right. It is the PEOPLE that are our only hope for liberty, it is the PEOPLE that are the guardians of it.

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